How to convert Apple Mail Database to PST File format for Outlook Windows?

This tutorial will guide you on How to convert Emails, Contacts and Calendar data of Apple Mail to PST an archive file format compatible with Outlook Windows on Windows PC.

If you have Backup Mbox files of Mac Mail/ Apple Mail and want to Convert them as PST file please Create a folder as Below and keep those Mbox files inside the Mailboxes folder. Start Apple Mail to PST Converter and select only Mail folder and click next, kindly do not go inside the folder otherwise it will not detect any email folder neither the complete folder structure of Mac Mail.

Create “Mail” folder then inside Mail create “V2” and under V2

Create “Mailboxes” and copy all the .mbox files to Mailboxes folder.
Alternatively please follow below process

First, we need to take backup of Apple Mail Database (Mails library folder on your Mac) and then use a portable drive to Move it to windows PC. Now you are ready to convert the Apple Mail Database using Apple Mail to PST Converter Software on your PC.

  1. To locate and convert using Apple/Mac Mail Database, please follow below steps:

    Apple/Mac Mail stores emails in a “Mail” folder (located inside user library folder) on your Mac. Please follow these steps to copy your “Mail” folder to this computer using an external drive or network shared volume.
    1. Open a new “Finder” window on your Mac.
    2. Click on Main Menu > Go > Go to folder. (Or press shortcut Cmd + shift + G). A dialog box appears.
    3. Type ~/Library in “Go to folder” dialog and press Enter. Search for mail folder in the finder window.
    4. Select the content of the folder displayed in  “Mail” folder (opened in step 3) and copy it to an external drive or network shared volume.

  2. Download and install Apple Mail to PST Converter Software on PC

    Download and install Apple Mail to PST Converter software and install it on the Windows PC. Now Connect the Portable external drive on which you took the backup of Apple Mail database from the Mac.

  3. Launch Mail to PST converter Software

    Launch Mail to PST converter software and Choose the First option to Convert Apple Mail Database. Click Next

  4. Browse and Locate Mail Folder

    Click on “Browse” button located below and select the Mail Folder, do not go inside only select Mail folder and click open

  5. Choose the folders in mailbox you need converted

     Click “Next” and you would be displayed the folder selected

  6. Choose a Folder to save the Output PST file.

    Click Next and you would be asked to name the PST file and a location to save it.

  7. Click Save and the conversion is started.

  8. Once conversion is completed a complete log is displayed about the conversion process.

    Once done click the Locate button and we are done.

  9. Importing Exported PST file in Outlook Windows

    Once you have the Complete the conversion to PST file please move it to Windows PC and keep it where you want to store the PST file and kindly follow below procedure to add the PST File to Microsoft Outlook